Providing Backbone Logistics for Ghana’s Cocoa Industry since 1979

Executive Chairman Malek K. Hamoui

In Tarzan Enterprise ltd, we strongly believe in the importance of collective work. Tarzan would not have thrived if it weren't for the individual contributions of every member of its family. We are grateful for the efforts, dedication and goodwill they have contributed to the company.

Board of Directors

Malek K. Hamoui
Executive Chairman
Zafer K. Hamoui
Managing Director

Mustapha M. Hamoui
Executive Director
Ziad M. Hamoui
Executive Director
Operations, Transport
Omar Z. Hamoui
Executive Director
Operations, Logistics
Majdi R. Hamoui
Executive Director
Trade. Blue Gallery
Hatem M. Hamoui
Executive Director
Trade. Blue Gallery
Nabih Z. Hamoui
Executive Director
Engineering. Fleet

Senior Management

Walid M. Hamoui
Workshop, Procurement
D. A. Gyimah
Secretary, Chief Accountant
Lawrence Asamoah
Public Relations