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Container Depot

In late 2002, Tarzan has upgraded its Tema yard by adding an extra 12,000 m2 of reinforced concrete. Together with our forklifts, it will be an ideal environment for containerizing goods before sending them to the harbour, thus avoiding the congestion now common there.

In July 2015, tarzan upgraded its container-handling capacity further by reinforcing 15,000m2 and building additional drainage infrastructure, to keep up with the growing use of the facilities

Tarzan Container Depot


Operations in the container depot include offloading and loading cocoa beans, stacking containers and preparing them for shipping out. Tarzan's heavy duty forklifts take care of handling the containers

Types of Forklift Available

Tarzan Forklift - Small Size Tarzan Forklift - Medium Size Tarzan Forklift - Large Size

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