Providing Backbone Logistics for Ghana’s Cocoa Industry since 1979.

The Company

Tarzan Enterprise Ltd. is a private limited liability company whose main operational branch is located in Tema, Ghana. It started as a transport business, then has later expanded to provide more integrated services by developing land into warehouses and container depots, where it operates container handling and goods storage. Tarzan is a family owned business.

Our History

Tarzan Enterprise ltd was founded in 1942. It started as a transport business which, at the time, got reputed for transporting willing Ghanaians to perform the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. It then got the honor of being the carrier of the ballots of the first elections ever in Ghana. We Now employ more than a hundred employees, Operate Dozens of Trucks and vehicles, and above all, enjoy a gracious and ancient goodwill that the name Tarzan evokes.